With Modo 16.0, you have the tools you need to realize any vision, enabling you to focus on being creative.

The Shader Tree has been reenvisioned to be easier to read and offer valuable new workflow capabilities. The new Wrap Effector offers a single, straightforward method to manipulate complex meshes intelligently and efficiently. Primitive Slice, the new Bridge MeshOp and Conditional Loops elevate modeling workflow in exciting new ways.

Native Rhino 7 I/O emphasizes Modo’s role in manufacturing-oriented asset creation. With 20 powerful Features and enhancements, Modo 16.0 is here to smarten your day.

Modo 16.0

provides a range of features and enhancements that provide the tools that are necessary to create smarter. From the flexible and powerful new Wrap Effector, to the efficient auto-baking capabilities of Texture Cache, Modo enables intelligent workflows to quickly achieve the results you need.

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