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What option to use for your Fill+Pack Velocity/Pressure switchover point?

What option to use for your Fill+Pack Velocity/Pressure switchover point?

Let’s talk about Pressure (again). More specifically, how we transfer from the first stage filling to 2nd stage packing.
When setting up a Fill+Pack – you have several options to choose how you transfer. I usually use By % Volume Filled (98%) since that is how I was taught to process in college. If my customer is using a pressure transducer, I can choose By pressure control point. Several of my customers use Automatic which lets Moldflow select the transfer point (usually this is around 99% full but can vary based on the model). You can also choose to transfer by pressure, ram position, clamp force, or by time.
What option do you use for your Fill+Pack Velocity/Pressure switchover point?

You can see an open window with Fill+Pack Settings.

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