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What’s the Fuzz about Juncture Loss in Moldflow?

What’s the Fuzz about Juncture Loss in Moldflow?

Juncture Loss – What is it and how can we use this to make accurate Moldflow simulations?

Juncture Loss coefficients are used to capture the subtle pressure drop changes that occur in feed systems such as sprues, runners, and gates. 

If a material card has juncture loss coefficients, your simulation will capture this effect automatically. If your material card does not have juncture loss coefficients, you can run the simulation with (generic values) and without to compare. If there are large variations in pressure results, you should probably get that material tested.

Learn more about Moldflow material cards and quality criteria in our material training.

How do you evaluate juncture loss coefficients in Moldflow?

Optimize Moldflow Analysis: Uncovering Juncture Loss with Moldflow MFS

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