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How to use Moldflow to help with your family molds!

How to use Moldflow to help with your family molds!

I do not like Family Molds, but Moldflow does…..

Just to be clear – I do not consider a right/left mirrored application to be a family mold since those parts should have the same volume. I define a family mold as two different volume parts being molded at the same time.

Moldflow can help if you decided to use a family mold. I would first simulate the parts separately (Gate Location, Molding Window, Fill) and see if you have overlapping processes.

You can then combine the parts in Moldflow and use a Runner Balance analysis. This will allow you to size the runners independently to achieve a better balance. Since this is a pressure balance, if anything changes (fill time, temperatures, material) the balance will be impacted.

Have you used Moldflow to help with your family molds?

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