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Venting Analysis in Moldflow Insight

Did you know Moldflow Insight can simulate Venting?

Moldflow will always assume perfect venting unless we are in a 3D mesh (tetrahedral mesh) and run a venting analysis. We can apply nodal boundary conditions like Vent locations and can assign the Vent thicknesses, lengths, and widths. If we are pulling a vacuum on the mold, we can also assign a negative pressure. The addition of vent locations and vent pressure can have a local impact on filling patterns, particularly with thermosetting materials.

In Moldflow 2021 there’s one more thing – we’ve added a new burn mark prediction plot that shows up when you run a venting analysis.

Have you ever tried running a Venting analysis in Moldflow Insight?

There are two open windows: One showing the venting analysis location, the other shows values that you can determine.

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