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Why editing your default properties in Moldflow Insight are useful!

Why editing your default properties in Moldflow Insight are useful!

Did you know that you can edit your default properties in Moldflow Insight (Tools tab – Databases dropdown – Edit Default Properties). This allows you to modify your defaults once so the next time you run a specific analysis – you should have less work. Here is a list of defaults that I like to modify:

Fill+Pack+Warp Process Settings
Default Injection molding machine hydraulic response time
Molding Window Process Settings (Spoiler alert for next week!)
Intermediate output settings for 3D analyses
Core shift during filling and packing
Isolate cause of warpage

Did you know of this Moldflow hack? If so, what default settings do you change?

You can see three open windows. The first shows the Fill+Pack Settings, the sescond one the warp settings and the third one shows the results output settings.

Für mehr News und weitere Themen rund um Spritzgießsimulation, folgen Sie MFS und Mason Myers auf LinkedIn.

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